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RunOway - route choice analysis

Help and tips

Denna sida ger tips fr att komma igng. En mer komplett manual finns hr.

1. Long loadings?

RunOway loads data a little bit longer at four occasions:

1. When reading the RunOway software
2. When reading a map
3. When reading a class and the runners in the class
4. When reading/saving route choices

Note: Depending on your Internet connection these four loadings can take up to minutes in time. But as soon as you are done there won't be anymore loadings.

2. When event and map are loaded

When the event and map are loaded, choose a function up to the left (see picture):

1. Draw route choice
2. See results
3. Change event/map
4. Replay

3a) Draw route choice

Choose categorie (below Categorie) and your name (below Runner).

Now your split times will be loaded. When the loading is done you are ready to draw your route choices on the map to the right.

Centre the map to a control by clicking the same control to the left.

Delete! If you would like to delete the last part of your drawing, use the pencil with rubber (see picture below, number 1). To re-draw the complete route between two controls, use the trashcan symbole (see above). Finally, to save you route choices, use the disc symbole (se picture below, number 2).

3b) See result

Now the interesting part begins - to watch everybody elses route choices.

Take a look at the picture below. By clicking a control with a number, the split time shows for that control. If you click the same control again, the times are sorted by the best total time at that control.

The runners that are marked with a tick have drawn their route choices for that control. By clicking a runners name, the route choice for that runner shows. At the same time, the tick becomes a rectangle with the same color as the route choices on the map. Of course, watching several route choices for different runners at the same time is possible.

3c) Replay

In RunOway 2.0 you can replay an event. An example of how it may look like are shown below.

Another feature is the possibility to move the map by right clicking on it. This means you won't always have to use the two scroll-bars.

Okay, now you are ready for hours of entertainment ...

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:


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